Home learning: Info on Schoology and Microsoft Teams

This is a copy of the SchoolMessenger email sent by Jane Addams’ principal, Paula Montgomery, on March 30, 2020. To update your SchoolMessenger preferences, go here. To log in to Schoology via the SPS Student Portal, go here.

Dear Families,

It’s been nearly three weeks since our last day at school, and I hope that you all are healthy, safe and navigating new routines. We miss our students!

This is challenging for us all, and our young people are all likely struggling with the loss of social time, of routines and freedom. Encourage your student to reach out to their school counselor and teachers if additional support is needed.  

As we move into next week, we are able to provide more consistency with at home learning plans. We will be sending a schedule of virtual class meetings this Thursday that will begin the week of April 7.  We will only use Schoology with Microsoft Teams.  These meetings are also scheduled to have a phone call only feature, and our teachers are excited to hear the voices of their students.

To get ready for this, your child needs to access Schoology. (They all learned in ELA classes).

Here is a Youtube video that shows students access Schoology on a phone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GviZWfLVa4M

Parents can also get Schoology assistance through this website. https://www.seattleschools.org/departments/dots/support_training_forms/schoologylms

If you need more assistance, our school librarian, Ms. Christiansen is available to support. emchristiansen@seattleschools.org

A few reminders:

  • work is not graded or required
  • approved platforms for communicating with students are Schoology, Microsoft teams via Schoology and emails
  • these meetings with be about 30 minutes in length and cannot replace actual day to day classroom based learning. Classes will not meet every day.

And yes, we are still posting assignments to our website each week to make it easier for families. This is the same material that we are mailing home and posting onto Schoology.   


As our families all navigate what I refuse to call a new normal, it’s important to prioritize what matters most. Many students are learning to cook, do more complex household chores, and take care of family members. This is all valuable learning! Many are finding that co-creating a schedule with your student gives them the independence and ownership that they need. I’ve seen student created schedules that includes time for reading, time for science, time for math, time for handstands, time for xbox., time for outside.  Next week, students will also have about 60 minutes per day of “class time.”

Support for Families

Our counseling staff continues to monitor email. If you are in need of direct support for food and housing assistance, please continue to reach out to school counselors and to myself.

-Meals are available at both Olympic Hills and Nathan Hale High School for Seattle public school students from 11 – 1pm. On Fridays, we have backpacks of food available for the weekend. We have also created a middle school lending library at each location.

Continue to monitor our webpage and social media. We miss your students. Please continue to reach out to us as needs arise.  



Paula Montgomery, Principal

Jane Addams Middle School