ICYMI: Monday Morning Ritual begins — and info on Student Led Conferences

In Case You Missed It: This is a copy of an SPS SchoolMessenger message sent by Principal Paula Montgomery on Feb. 2

Dear Families,

We are excited to share two important changes at Jane Addams Middle School. Starting tomorrow, all Period 1 classes will be extended by 15 minutes so that all students can participate in what we are calling the Monday Morning Ritual. Without a daily advisory, our educators and students have missed a specific time set aside for community building and what we call “soft skill” development.  Our educators recognize this and are committed to developing a time and structure once a week for this important work to happen.

Each Monday morning all students will participate in a school-wide circle activity that is designed to build community, empathy, listening, and speaking skills. We are using lessons designed by Teaching Tolerance and the Origin’s group. I encourage you to talk with your student on Monday evening about the Monday experience.

We are also looking forward to our first Student Led Conferences in March Conferences will be held on the afternoon/evening of Wednesday, March 18 (4pm-8pm) and then again on Thursday, March 19 (8am-noon).  Each family will be scheduled for 90 minutes to visit with educators and have their students share their learning. You may sign up for a time using this link now: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=WNEx1HRgMkiHg1Hqb23SJ-05c0Wv0m5Ht5klmnMLrjBUOUlEMFJCT1dXQk0xRTVXVTNVUkwwRjlLQS4u

But in the upcoming weeks, students will receive information about signups during their Period 1 classes. Please note that there is no school for Jane Addams students on March 19.

Have a wonderful two weeks before mid-winter break, and I look forward to seeing you all at Student Led Conferences in March!



Paula Montgomery, Principal

Jane Addams Middle School

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