ICYMI: Protests and Monday Morning Meeting (note from principal)

This is a copy of the email sent via SchoolMessenger last night.

Sun, May 31, 9:35 PM

Dear Jane Addams Families,

I know that this weekend was filled with emotion in our community.

The killing of George Floyd came after the death of Breonna Taylor, the death of Ahmaud Arbery, and the threatening of Christian Cooper in Central Park. This has all happened during a pandemic that has disproportionally impacted black families throughout the country. Seattle is no different.

Even if our young people did not attend the Lake City and downtown protests, we know that they are very much watching social media, the news, and are hearing others talk about this.  We know that this is traumatic for so many of our families. We know that our young people are worried about their families and each other and need ways to process these events with other young people. If school was in session, we would be talking about this in every classroom.

For that reason, tomorrow (Monday, June 1) we will be talking about George Floyd’s death and the protests that his death and the death of so many others have sparked. I have included the lesson in this email  to encourage families to debrief this with your students after tomorrow’s Monday class meeting.  6.01.2020 Monday Morning Meeting .pdf 

During the meetings, students will be watching a brief video designed for classrooms and debrief through a facilitated discussion. While the video is not graphic, it makes direct reference to the killing of George Floyd, his family is interviewed and the mayor of Minneapolis speaks.  

Our counselors will also devote this week’s Counseling office hours to conversation for our young people to talk about these events.  These hours are from 1-3pm on Monday and Wednesday.  Students can join these meetings through Schoology.

And on Wednesdays, at 4pm, all students are invited to join the Jane Addams Student Racial Equity team to begin to brainstorm how they would like to take action. We can make changes, even remotely. This meeting can also be joined through Schoology. 

Some students may want to process these events within a racial affinity group, others may want to dive deeper into their own learning about racial identity and injustice, and others may decide to create a plan for action. Our goal over the next few weeks is support students in whatever direction they select. 

Our students are at the center our minds. Please let us know how we can support them further.



Paula Montgomery, Principal

Jane Addams Middle School