ICYMI: Update from Principal Montgomery on learning resources

Text copied from a recent schoolwide email from Paula Montgomery via SchoolMessenger.

Dear Families,

I hope that you are as well as possible, seeking joy when you can, and adjusting to this new situation.  We appreciate your patience, flexibility and grace as we navigate what this means. None of us have experienced this before. Your children are at the forefront of our minds, but please remember that our educators also have families, near and far, and many are also navigating challenges.  

If you have not heard from a specific educator, please give it a few days, assume positive intent and feel free to connect with a grade level counselor or admin.

Educator Support to Students During School Closure

We have a plan in place to provide weekly printable (and online) materials for students in addition to district supplied materials. See this link on our home page.  


We plan to update this each Monday morning for families as well as to print and get out to lunch sites. These are all enrichment activities, none are required and none are graded.

We also have a plan in place staring next Monday, March 30 when certificated staff members will personally call or email specific students in their period 1 classes. We want to continue the community building that was started during our Monday Morning Meetings at the start of the semester.

Per district guidance, teachers have also been asked to communicate with families at least two times per week via Schoology, email, phone, or the typical way they connect with families throughout the school year.  

SPS also has a new webpage of resources. Learning Resource Webpages

There are sample schedules for keeping your middle school student busy during the day with a bit of structure. Remember that a good portion of middle school is the social aspect. If your child is having a hard time focusing for hours on end, know that it’s normal!!!  Our educators use 20-30 minutes of direct focus as a guideline, balanced with movement, talk, and choice. Build this into your home schedules.  You can also send them for a walk to one of the many lunch locations to break up the day; please make sure to reinforce social distancing.

Our counseling staff continues to monitor email. If you are in need of direct support for food and housing assistance, please continue to reach out to school counselors and to myself.

Meals are available at both Olympic Hills and Nathan Hale High School for students from 11 – 1pm. On Fridays, we have backpacks of food available for the weekend. We have also created a middle school lending library at each location.

Please continue to monitor our webpage and social media. We miss your students. Please continue to reach out to us as needs arise.  



Paula Montgomery, Principal

Jane Addams Middle School