JAMS PTSA Annual Give — not there yet!

As of Wednesday evening, we’re still more than $10,000 away from our $95,000 fundraising goal! We need EVERYONE’S help to hit our goal. Thank you JAMS families for your generous donations to date and for wonderful participation in our two-day challenge earlier this week.

Do you want to give more, but need to spread out the cost?
Several JAMS families just like you have opted for donating a monthly gift. You can spread a $600 donation over a whole year by making a $50 monthly donation to JAMS. Simply click the yellow DONATE button above and select “Make this a monthly donation.”

Every contribution is appreciated and goes to fund THIS year’s budget. Dollars donated now are going to be spent on our kids now. PARTICIPATION is the KEY.

Have you already done your part and want to do more?
Reach out to relatives and friends. You’re probably not the only one who loves your JAMS student and wants to make a difference. You can pick up extra donation forms in the office, or pay with a credit card above by pressing the yellow DONATE button.

Thank you for supporting this incredible school and community.