New task force to focus on inclusiveness, equity: A note from the PTSA president

A message from outgoing PTSA President Kathy Gerke:

I would like to tell everyone about a significant initiative the PTSA will be working on over the next few months.

Inclusiveness has long been a priority for the JAMS PTSA, but we have struggled to reach many of our families.  The Seattle Council PTSA recently adopted a resolution focused on family engagement and equity and, with the help of our new Community Outreach Chair, Friendly Vang-Johnson, the JAMS PTSA will be working on developing a similar resolution.

Anyone who is interested in being on a task force for this should contact Friendly at

On behalf of the incoming president, Maggie Sweeney, I would also like to welcome you to contact her at

In addition, we will have a preliminary conversation at the transitional Board Meeting in June (June 10 at 7 p.m. in the JAMS library), to include both the outgoing as well as the incoming boards.  The goal is to present something to the board to be adopted in September and presented at the General Membership meeting in October.

As always, everyone is welcome to attend that board meeting. If you would like translation or accessibility services at that meeting or any PTSA meeting, email