Principal’s update: Remote Learning Schedule

This is a copy of the SchoolMessenger email sent by Jane Addams’ principal, Paula Montgomery, on April 2, 2020. To update your SchoolMessenger preferences, go here. To log in to Schoology via the SPS Student Portal, go here.

Dear Families,

As promised, here is the updated At Home Real Time Learning Plan for Jane Addams. Our educators have had a steep learning curve this week as they navigated new technology, shifting expectations and balancing the needs of their own families. I am incredibly proud to work with them all, and we appreciate your patience and grace.

As we move into next week, we are able to provide more consistency with at home learning plans. We will only use Schoology with Microsoft Teams. These meetings are also scheduled to have a phone call only feature, and our teachers are excited to hear the voices of their students.

This is to supplement the work that teachers have posted to Schoology and to our website

These online meetings are a chance to build connections and discuss current learning. It’s an opportunity to prioritize the most essential skills/power standards that students need right now. When school returns, curriculum will need to adjust accordingly. We are not worried about curriculum coverage right now, we are focusing on the continuation of relationships and learning. Here is the high level version of the schedule:

9:00-10:45Morning Meeting(9:30-10)ELA   Math Social Studies Science
11:00-12:00French & SpanishELAMathSocial StudiesScience
1:00-3:45French & SpanishDrama/ MusicPE/ArtAVID/Journalism/MusicSTEM/MESA/Art/PE
1:00-3:00Counseling Office Hours Library Office HoursSpecial Ed/ELL Support Specific Classes Counseling Office Hours Library Office HoursSpecial Ed/ELL Support Specific Classes 

More details about specific times for each class period will be posted to each teachers Schoology page and calendar. This schedule helps ensure that students aren’t being requested to meet for different classes at the same time. If your student needs to attend a different section of a teachers’ class, please contact that teacher directly.

If our students maintain their connection to educators and their curiosity about learning during this time, then we will know that we’ve been successful.

Students should be spending, at most two hours on specific school work (excluding reading a choice book, practicing an instrument and exercising). This is a challenging time, and there is a great deal of non-school related learning happening for our students . Teachers will also begin to reduce the number of emails that are sending to entire classes and direct most all student communication to Schoology.

To get ready for this, your child needs to access Schoology. (They all learned in ELA classes).

Here is a Youtube video that shows students access schoology on a phone.

Parents can also get Schoology assistance through this website.

If you need more assistance, our school librarian, Ms. Christiansen is available to support.

A few reminders:

  • work is not graded or required (but very much recommended for success when school returns)
  • approved platforms for communicating with students are Schoology, Microsoft teams via Schoology and emails
  • these meetings with be about 30 minutes in length and cannot replace actual day to day classroom based learning. Classes will not meet every day.

Take care, keep letting us know how we can support you, and we look forward to virtually seeing and hearing your students next week!



Paula Montgomery, Principal

Jane Addams Middle School