Jane Addams PTSA Board Meeting Minutes Monday, November 5, 2018 at 7pm in the Library

1. Welcome/Introductions
2. Approve minutes from October 8 Board meeting, Kim Love
• Minutes stand approved.
3. Committee Reports
• Treasurer’s report & Annual Give update, Paul Weinstein
i. Number of donations about the same as last year, but more came in per donation. Corporate matching is the one area that lags behind last year’s campaign.
1. 255 forms collected from the office 10/1/2018-11/2/2018
2. 124 submitted with cash/check donations (totaling ~$27,000 before employer matching; mean cash/check donation ~$220, median $100)
3. 90 submitted by PayPal donors
4. remainder: form only, volunteer hours or pending donation ii. We have 34% more in the bank right now than at the same time last year.
iii. Sent $10k for 8th grade camp, and made disbursement for the Actively Learn program.
• Membership update, Julie Bisson
i. We’re at 306 paid members. Historical high was 327, so we’re hoping to at least match that. There are significantly more scholarship requests. Collected dues are up 10% from last year.
• Communications update, Julie Bradley
i. Mailing list is at 697, but that includes 200 or so who date back to the opening of JAMS. Julie should be getting the district mailing list by Nov 9.
ii. Open rate is consistently 35-40%.
iii. Thanksgiving week email will go out on Wednesday. Deadline will be earlier.
• Landscaping update, Colleen Weinstein
i. JAMS is on the Levy for February for $3.3 million. The project list includes the main entry south side shelter and amphitheater, hangout steps, parking zone. Additional dollars were included to cover field lighting, seismic work, ceiling fans and removal of the playground. Levy will need to be approved by voters in February.
ii. RAM takeover will be Tuesday, Nov 13 from 5-9. RAM will donate 10%
iii. 23 tiles have been sold. Still looking for ways to promote and create excitement for these.
iv. Colleen is working with Meadowbrook Community Council to write a proposal to Neighborhood Street Fund for transportation-related improvements. Send Colleen ideas for proposals.
v. MLK Day of caring wouldn’t work very well for Microsoft since it’s a day off for them. Should we work with Bethany for a project, or as a family-guided project? Someone would have to step up with an idea and initiative very soon to make something happen.
4. New Business • Gift Card Drive, Julie Bradley
i. Historically we’ve supplied the office with grocery gift cards to distribute to students who need food over the break. The office gives out ~75 cards for each break (Thanksgiving, Winter, Mid-winter and Spring). Julie would like leads on gift cards.
• Schools First donation request, Paul Weinstein
i. Schools First is trying to raise $350,000 to support the levies in February. As we don’t have a line item for advocacy or donations, we’d need a general membership vote to create the line item.
1. Motion proposed to call a general meeting to happen at our December meeting for the general membership to vote on adding a advocacy line item at $500, and another line item for unallocated for unanticipated requests. Motion is seconded and passed by Board vote.
• Dancing Dave funding, Paul Weinstein i. $800 is needed to cover square dancing in PE. There is money left over in the Enrichment line item to cover this expense.
• Parent Education topics, Sheryl Schwartz
i. Dates available for parent education include: Feb 28th already designated for a parent education night; May 16 General Meeting (Lisa Davidson and Daniel Adjei are available to talk about drugs and the survey, though we can change to a different topic); any other available night if we decide to add an event.
ii. General Meeting on Jan 17 will be the high school panel again
iii. Board in attendance held an informal vote on which topics they’d like to see. Kathy and Sheryl will discuss with admin about when and how to bring them in.
o Social Media/Online Safety: Film “Like” about kids and social media. (10 votes) o Sustainability o Sexuality, Relationships, Puberty and Consent: Lisa Love is SPS director/ Teen Dating Violence/Respectful Relationships (11 votes) o Drugs/Alcohol 3 o Anxiety: Film “Angst” tie-in? (6 votes) o Learning Differences: ADHD/ADD, Dyslexia, Executive Function, Processing Difficulties 1 o Preparing for High School 1 o Exploring different career paths – vocational programs, internships, etc. 1 o Study Skills o Stop the Bleed class: Department of neighborhoods grant funds this, so it wouldn’t come at a cost to JAMS/PTSA 3
5. Principal’s Report, Paula Montgomery
• Latinx night had about 80 people come for the Day of the Dead celebration. The group is already planning for next year. They’re going to ¡La Chispa! bilingual leadership conference.
• New Staff member: Sanjay is taking over financials for the building.
• Spirit assembly went well.
• Dance went well except the DJ played 4 inappropriate songs (with explicit lyrics) before security pulled the plug on him. He’d had a couple of warnings during the dance before he was finally removed.
• Cyber safety assemblies are happening with the police department. 6th grade on Thursday, 7th & 8th grade on Friday.
• House administrator is teaching a leadership class. JAMS is able to add another section of Drama, and a theatre tech class (lighting, sets, costuming) • JAMS is in the process of (hopefully) moving to 3 lunches. They’re waiting to get all the proper permissions. Scenarios might include shortening advisory, or increasing 3rd period and having split classes. This might happen by Thanksgiving.
• Families and Educations Levy: JAMS received $65K in performance pay for students who came in at level 1 and 2 on the SBACs.
• JAMS named a school of distinction based on how many kids passed the SBAC, and how much the achievement increased, outperforming the district in significant groups (like ELL). JAMS was able to accomplish this with minimal emphasis on the tests themselves. There will be an award ceremony in December, where we’ll receive a banner. It hasn’t been announced to the students.
• After school offerings: homework help, with specific subjects on different days.
• We now have a nurse 4 days a week. We had the 2nd highest nursing ratio in the district. Meeting adjourned 8:50

Jane Addams PTSA Board Meeting Minutes Monday, October 8, 2018, at 7 p.m. in the Library

1. Welcome/Introductions 2. Approve minutes from September 17 Board meeting, Kim Love • Minutes stand approved 3. Committee Reports

• Treasurer’s report & Annual Give update, Paul Weinstein

i. Not many reimbursements have come in yet from teachers, committees, etc.

ii. About $20k more in the bank than at this time last year

iii. Annual Give a little behind where we were at last year.

iv. Advisory Challenge is slower to launch as Paypal payments often come in without student and advisory teacher names, and take a while to parse out with the office.

v. Robin has created communications calendar.

vi. One family has committed to participating in a matching promotion. Robin is looking for more.

• PTSA Membership, Julie Bisson Current count is 296 members, compared to 230 at this time last year. Of the 296, 14 requested scholarships. There are more first-time members this year. Sending out the membership form in the first day packet/mailing seemed to make all the difference. We received 23 completed forms without checks attached and even though a couple of them indicated that they would join online, they did not. Julie may follow up with these families and ask if they’d like to join.

• Communications update, Julie Bradley and Jill O’Connor

i. Public records request was approved to get family emails. Starting Nov 9 the newsletter will reach all those folks. We’re currently at about a 33% open rate.

ii. School can send out a curriculum night reminder that can include a note about the newsletter.

iii. Windermere granted $2k for backpacks. Robin has a contact that can ease Windermere grant proposals iv. Librarian will loan us laptops for Curriculum night for people to sign up for newsletters, donate, etc

v. Website set up to include Paypal link. vi. Julie will print the PTSA info sheet, looking for suggestions on what to put on the backside.

• Landscaping update, Colleen Weinstein i. BEX V Levy-activism needed from everyone.

School Board was presented recommendations on 9/26. Board asked for smaller projects from more schools. We have broken our ask down to half of the original so $3.2 million. This would be enough to accomplish: our south side of the school needs; covered basketball court, amphitheater, crazy staircase and viewing seat wall. Staff lot lighting and resurfacing. Front entrance paving, drainage and lighting improvements. All items were drawn directly from the landscape master plan at JAMSDREAMBIG.org 1. ACTION* Email the School Board to ask for their support of these needed safety and enrichment opportunities for our school. scott.pinkham@seattleschools.org, rick.burke@seattleschools.org, jill.geary@seattleschools.org, zachary.dewolf@seattleschools.org, leslie.harris@seattleschools.org , betty.patu@seattleschools.org, capitallevy2019@seattleschools.org Comments are tabulated (though they should maybe have different subject lines). Scott Pinkham will have a community meeting at the NE library on the 28th, and we can also talk to him there. a. Suggested email wording: The $7.3 million re-modernization of JAMS in BEX Levy IV did nothing to address the outdoor needs of our 69-year-old 20-acre campus. Please support the inclusion of Jane Addams Middle school outdoor site improvements on the BEX V Levy. An amount of approximately $3.2 million will repair the most pressing needs of our community. 2. 2019 School Levies Timeline

a. Oct./Nov. 2018: Board Introduction: Staff recommendations for both levies presented

b. Oct/Nov. 2018: Levies 2019 Public Hearing to be held between introduction and action

c. Oct./Nov. 2018: School Board Action/vote to adopt the levies and place them on the ballot for the

February 2019 Special Election d. Jan. 2019: Ballots mailed to voters e. Feb. 12, 2019: Deadline to return ballots

• Day of Caring wrapped up until MLK day. We can take care of indoor projects as that’s not a school day.

• Jane Addams Community Stair Project 1. Fundraising is extremely slow

a. Currently at $22,60 b. Tiles sold: 10 of 175 total. Colleen will present at Curriculum night c. Reset fundraising goal to include grant, makes our 23%, 60%

• RAM Uvillage Takeover event Tuesday, November 13 from 5-8 pm. JAMS would receive 10% of profits from the evening in restaurant or bar. 4. New Business

• General Meeting Curriculum night prep, Kathy Gerke 2. Asking board members to come by 5:30 3. Possibility of partnering with Counselors on parent education nights (May and other events?)

• Jan 17 General meeting: High school information night. 1. Sanjay will help Paula round up presenters from the high schools 5. Principal’s Report, Paula Montgomery

• We’re at 935 students, compared to about 903 last year. No cuts in staffing.

• JAMS projected to become the largest middle school in a few years.

• Oct 26 is Latinx night. The club is planning a Coco screening in Spanish and food.

• .5 FTE ELL IA in Mandarin.

• Dr Stephanie Fryberg, American Indian studies faculty at UW who instructs and speaks on culturally responsive, growth mindset instructor/speaker, has money and would like to spend it at Hale and JAMS to create identity-safe classrooms.

• Daniel Adjei has been connecting with students to see what they want from after school opportunities, and finding vendors to fit their needs
Jane Addams PTSA

Board Meeting Agenda
Monday, September 17, 2018, at 7 p.m. in the Library

7:00-7:05: Welcome/Introductions  

7:05-7:10: Approve minutes from August 15 Board meeting, Kim Love

Committee Reports

7:10-7:20: Treasurer’s report, Paul Weinstein

7:20-7:25: PTSA Membership, Julie Bisson

7:25-7:35: Communications update, Julie Bradley

7:35-7:45: Annual Give update, Robin Goodman

7:45-7:55: Landscaping update, Paul Weinstein for Colleen Weinstein

7:55-8:00: Volunteer update, Sherene Ottosen and Hillary Nelson

Ongoing Business


New Business

7:55-8:00: Conflict of interest forms, Kim Love

8:00-8:20: Standing Rules review, Kathy Gerke

8:20-8:30: General Meeting Curriculum night prep, Kathy Gerke

8:30-8:50: Principal’s Report, Paula Montgomery



Jane Addams PTSA
Board Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, August 15, 2018 at Kathy Gerke’s house

Approve minutes from June 14 Board meeting, Kim Love
Minutes stand approved

Committee Reports

Treasurer’s report, Paul Weinstein
Ended last year about $15k unspent from the budget, and about $55k in the bank.

This year’s budget is designed to work down the surplus to leave about $25k for the beginning of next year.

Paul is tracking donations coming in for #dreambig, and will add them to the line item with funds allocated from the budget.

PTSA Membership, Kim Love for Julie Bisson
Making sure all Boardmembers complete online or paper PTSA membership. Also Executive Committee members need to do approved trainings

Landscaping update, Colleen Weinstein

Intersection painting was completed, about 40 people showed up, mostly from JAMS, but also from Bethany. They also cleared some blackberry. Project cost about $1k, mostly for the paint. It’s recommended that it gets touched up every year. See time lapse videos on the dreambig website.

Sept 14 is United Way’s Day of Caring for businesses to connect with projects, which include ours. Microsoft will be coming on a Friday from about 8-3 to work on projects, and their hours can also be counted towards our fundraising goals. Julie Bisson has volunteered to be the lead on the day of.

Community stair project fundraising has been going slow. Tiles have been particularly slow to sell. Deadline for neighborhood matching grant is Sept 10, and if it looks like the donations aren’t there, we’ll have to wait for the next grant cycle in March.

There will be 5 more Levy meetings in Sept. That will be another opportunity, Monday, Sept 24 at Roosevelt, to submit requests to include $6M to pay for all the landscaping except for the slippery slope.

Communications update, Julie Bradley

Julie is working on a Mail Chimp version of the new newsletter. District is clamping down on release of emails addresses, so we’ll have to encourage folks to submit their own emails for the distribution list.

First email scheduled to go out the Friday before Labor Day. EOD Wednesday would be the target deadline.

Working on getting access to the PTA portion of the school website.

New Business

Conflict of interest forms, Kim Love

Kim will email them out to the Board to fill out and bring back at the Sept 17 meeting

PTSA Principles, Kathy Gerke

Will get emailed out to the rest of the board

Calendar, Kathy Gerke

We’ll provide a light dinner  instead of having potluck for Curriculum Night

Discussion about what to do for a parent education night. Film, speaker(s), panels, etc

7:35-7:45: After School Program, Paula Montgomery

JAMS has made an offer for a person for after school programming. Funding comes from .6 Best starts for kids grant .4 funded by Families and Educations levy. Program would start when activity buses start in October. Person will be responsible for getting building use permits and route programs through ASB and funding, setting up programs with vendors and tutors.

The $15k that PTSA granted for after school programming would go toward other expenses, possibly toward staffing additional supervision, or maybe some classes that aren’t being utilized by levy kids.

New part time position with a specialty in drama.

7:45-8:05: Principal’s Report, Paula Montgomery

Karen Putnam has transferred to central office

Shannon is now year-round office staff instead of just registrar.

Hiring for an office manager, possibly a bookkeeper if positions end up shifting.

Openings in SPED, History, SPED IAs, Language Arts, Math as teachers shift around and out of the district.

Some teachers were sent to AVID conference. Calendars, note-taking, focused binders

Dire need for Ultimate coaches.

Track and Volleyball also need coaches.

New Superintendent Denise Juneau stopped by last week.

Selected along with Hale as a Northend native education program. Full time interventionist to work at both campuses.

New 6th and 7th grade AVID electives focusing on executive functioning skills.

8:20 adjourn


PTSA Meeting Minutes
August 28, 2017

Jane Addams PTSA

Board Meeting Agenda
Monday, August 28, 2017

1.     Secretary Kim Love — Approve minutes from June 7 Board meeting

·       June minutes stand approved

2.     Presidents’ Report — Kathy Gerke & Julie Bradley

·       PTSA Principles (Kathy) – attached

·       7:20-7:25: Conflict of interest forms (Julie)

a)Board members need to fill out conflict of interest forms disclosing any connections/position that could potentially be a conflict of interest to being on the JAMS board

·       7:25-7:30: PTSA Calendar (Kathy) – attached

a) update April Meeting to the 16th to accommodate Spring Break

b)Curriculum night not closed to students, discussion of whether to provide child care. Paula will talk to ASB and WEB leaders about the possibility of offering child care programming for younger kids (5-10 year olds). Revisit at September meeting

c)  Board meeting in January tentative, based on whether we feel the need after having the General meeting

·       7:30-7:35: Contact Sheet Update (Kathy)

a)Filling in some missing info, and will send out final to the board when done.

·       7:35-7:40: Still recruiting Chair positions (Kathy)

a)Co-Transportation, Staff Appreciation, STEAM Fair

1.     Steam Fair will start advertising

2.     Job description to go out for Transportation

a.     More messaging to go out about traffic patterns at drop-off and recruiting for traffic duty.

b.     Building admin met with SDOT about getting a permit to close down the streets during drop-off times.

·       7:40-7:45: Board training opportunities

a)Training opportunities available for all PTSA Board members. They’re required for the Executive Committee, but open to PTSA members.

·       7:45-7:55: Standing Rules (Julie) – attached

a)Standing Rules need to be approved at first General Meeting. If anyone has changes or suggested edits, let Kathy or Julie know.

Discussion of Race and Equity Team transitioning from professional development to family and student outreach. 36 different languages are represented at JAMS. Talk about mirroring the education that the staff received to parents, and how best to reach immigrant parents. Paula does principal chats at Jackson Park, Lake City Library, Lake City Court.

3.     7:55-8:00: Legislative Report — Ann Hilman & Rebecca Brito

·       5 New school openings

·       2 School Board meetings coming up

·       JAMS Waitlist – pretty small for gen ed, and will be dissolving soon.

·       WA State PTA trainings

a)More regional trainings coming up, and webinars available to meet training requirements

·       SCPTSA looking at CSIPs and what happens with them once they’re created.

a)Also encouraging Schools of Excellence program

1.     Last year’s board Pres and VP discussed at length and opted not to do it. We’ll revisit in the next few minutes.

·       Education Funding

a) State decisions are scheduled to start getting made regarding McCleary and whether the state budget that was passed fulfills its requirements. More advocacy will be required this year.

4.     8:00-8:20: Chair Reports

·       8:00-8:05: Membership (Julie Bisson)

a)Memberships can be done online or mailed in. Julie will work with Heather, the Asst Treasurer about tracking membership money. Membership requests should be in the newsletter and PTSA presence should be at orientation events to recruit membership and volunteers.

·       8:05-8:10: Fundraising (Robin Goodman)

a)Ask to include request for participation/volunteers

1.     With push to get more commitments back, incentivizing with “Golden Jaguar” award

b) Kick off at Curriculum night. Runs Oct 1-31

c)  Event for parents to meet other parents

d)Should coordinate with FOJAMS so fundraising efforts don’t conflict

·       8:10-8:15: Volunteer (Suzanne Strandberg & Jenn Nickel)

a)Updating asks for volunteers, and writing 6th grade parents who’ve already indicated interest. Will make another ask at Curriculum Night.

1.     Will need to connect with ASB to support student events

·       8:15-8:20: Communications (Courtenay Schurman)

a)Newsletter@JAMSptsa.org OR court@bodyresults.com

b)First newsletter will go out this Friday, Deadline is Noon Thursday

c)  Regular deadlines will be Thursday morning

d)Long version in English with short translation in Spanish

5.     8:20-8:30: Principal’s Report — Paula Montgomery 

·        Asst Principal Chad Barnes

a)JV sports will be included, but it has been discussed at the city-level that it could be cut.

b)No athletics on Wednesdays

c) Need for adult volunteers to support Ultimate, which is a no- cut sport

d)Still hiring for Athletic Director

·       Principal Paula Montgomery (write Paula for names/roles)

a)New teachers, math teacher, Ross Taylor (7th grade science teacher), Elena Worderoff (6th grade art), Michael van Bever (Senior Band)

b)New Nurse – Part time Alison Angel (FT Tues, Weds + Thurs am)

c) Special Ed now open

d)CSIP – will focus on classroom environment, based on student survey results from last year. Gaps in discipline rates along racial lines.

e)Construction is almost done. This is a repurposing, not remodeling.

f)  Every math class is piloting curriculum and will have new books and materials (Glencoe, Envision)

g) Every science teacher is piloting Amplify curriculum for gen ed. It’s technology based. Teachers are training.

h)JAMS awarded a planning grant through KC Health (SeaBert), to develop a plan for spending $150k each year over 5 years for mental health support. Grant is for 10k for planning.

i)  Enrollment is 926. There might be a budget adjustment (original estimate was 955, so there might be a staffing reduction). Schools are being told that budgeting will be tighter next year, especially in light of lack of adequate funding. Most Adv Learning students on the waitlist are in Spectrum program which are not guaranteed seats like HCC students are. 10-15% mobility rate for students.

j)  Sign-ups may go out to help teachers unpack from construction (Tuesday before school starts).