Quiz: What’s the best JAMS PTSA job for you?

At top: Feeling clueless about JAMS PTSA? (Find out more on the quiz below.) Above: don’t you forget about PTSA …

Take this quiz to see which position in the Breakfast Club JAMS PTSA board is the best fit for you.

1. How would your friends describe you?

  • A. Outgoing
  • B. Friendly
  • C. Meticulous
  • D. Intense
  • E. Compelling

2. What is your idea of a fun afternoon?

  • A. Going out with friends
  • B. Whatever everyone else is doing
  • C. Getting yourself organized
  • D. Watching a movie
  • E. Getting everyone outside together

3.  What is your fatal flaw?

  • A. You care what others think
  • B. You have trouble thinking for yourself
  • C. You are too detail-oriented
  • D. You can be invisible
  • E. You can be too enthusiastic

If your answers are mostly

  • A:  You are the Princess President. People look up to you, you have no problem delegating and like getting attention.
  • B:  You are the Athlete Vice President. You are used to being told what to do, but are learning to think independently and assert yourself.
  • C: You are the Brain Treasurer. You are responsible and people trust you to get things done.
  • D: You are the Quiet One Secretary. You are observant and willing to do your work behind the scenes.
  • E: You are the Rebel Legislative VP. You are active in the community and don’t mind going to an occasional meeting on the weekend.
  • Mix of A, B, C, D or E: You can fill any role. People will see you as they want to see you.

Don’t wait! Find out more about your rightful position now (email nominations@jamsptsa.org, talk to a current board member, or sign up here:https://tinyurl.com/JAMS-NC-SUG)!

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