There is a place for you on the JAMS PTSA board: Only 3 jobs left!

We have a nearly complete slate of volunteers ready to serve on the PTSA next year. Thank you to everyone who has stepped up so far! We are pleased to have a strong board ready to support our kids. That said, we have three key positions left we MUST fill—if you’ve been holding back waiting to see if others will volunteer, now is the time to take the leap yourself. You’ll be glad you did!

Transportation Co-Chair (one filled, at least one more needed—serve with a friend and make it three!) * Recruit and coordinate traffic/safety volunteers, and coordinate with JAMS and Nathan Hale for traffic safety and special events. (The second co-chair position has been filled to handle equipment, so you won’t be alone!) The time commitment depends on how many volunteers you can recruit to help. This is a crucial role for the safety of our kids—please step up today.

Fundraising Chair(s) * JAMS’s Annual Fund needs a coordinator to assist the treasurer and assistant treasurer meeting our funding goals for next year based on our community’s priorities. This position will require some time during the actual fundraising period but has low to no time demands otherwise.

Legislative VP * Serve as liaison to Seattle Council PTSA and the Washington State PTA, keep our community up to date on education legislation and issues through the newsletter, and advocate for education resolutions and policy at the state level as you have time or interest. This position involves one full weekend in October and otherwise just occasional PTSA and SCPTSA meetings.

Our deadline is early May, so please ask questions or volunteer today by e-mailing Anna, Samrita, and Erik on the Nominations Committee: