You could be the next legislative veep. (Hey, what is a legislative veep?)

Click here to see the list of open PTSA positions for 2019-2020. JAMS really needs your help. If you have the skills needed, please share them with the JAMS community.

What on earth even IS a Legislative VP?

The real question is: Who will be our PTSA Legislative VP next year?

This is unique and important advocacy role for all students at JAMS. On one hand, this volunteer position means getting information about important legislation and school board issues to families and encouraging the community to vote (although not how to vote), and on the other you get to vote on behalf of JAMS families at the annual Washington State PTA Legislative Assembly in October. This is how the WSPTA prioritizes its legislative and lobbying agenda for the upcoming year. If you are interested in education policy, civil rights, equity, children’s rights, education funding, and the like, this is a job where you can make a real difference. This year’s WSPTA Top 5 Legislative Priorities—all proposed by Legislative VPs just like you—included:

Not every issue gets into law every year, but the WSPTA has a strong track record getting legislation adopted to support all kids—in part because legislators know the WSPTA represents 130,000 Washington parents and guardians. As Legislative VP, you too can write up a proposed legislative priority to consider on next year’s WSPTA agenda. Are you passionate about special education funding? Equity issues? Professional development? School lunches? Budgets? What else? Get involved with other Legislative VPs state-wide and make a difference.

Meanwhile, back on the home front, the Legislative VP also connects our JAMS PTSA with our district council, Seattle Council PTSA, and shares updates and Action Alerts with the JAMS community.

The workload involves monthly PTSA meetings (usually 90 minutes), occasional meetings at the Seattle Council PTSA, and maybe 1-2 hours a week during legislative sessions reading and writing advocacy e-mail, and getting items added to the PTSA newsletter. Most weeks, the workload is zero. The one exception is WSPTA Legislative Assembly, which is two days (one weekend) in October. The PTSA covers your registration fee, and snacks and lunch are included!

We invite you to give some serious thought to serving as our 2019-2020 JAMS PTSA Legislative VP. This is a critical advocacy and liaison role.

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