Interested in Volunteering? We always need traffic volunteers to help keep our students safe. If you are interested in volunteering, simply show up at the school and stop by the main office to check in with Ms. Patt. Morning volunteers should check in by 8:30 and afternoon folks should check in by 3:30.
Thank you so much for your help keeping our kids safe and traffic flowing!

A Note for Drivers:

If you are dropping your student off in the back of the school (31st Street), please pull forward to the drop off zone by the curb to avoid creating an unsafe backup for all our students. U-turns are not permitted, please reference the Traffic Flow Map below to help keep all our children safe. If you have a high school student helping with drop off, please share the procedures with them, as it helps ensure their safety as well.

Thank you for helping create a safe environment for everyone!

Here are some recommendations to safely navigate around the school:

  • Travel CLOCKWISE around the school: North on 31st and South on 34th Exiting via 113th.
  • Avoid the Bus Zone. When Bus Barrier Signs & Orange Cones are in Place, proceed Around the Block.
  • No U Turns and No Pulling Into/Backing Out of driveways.
  • Drop Off and Pick Up ONLY in Designated Zones: Students Exit and Enter Vehicles from the Sidewalk. JAMS has 3 driver drop/pick up zones: Please use the most efficient SOUTH AND WEST ZONES.
  • Many Students Walk to/from the immediate neighborhood and METRO Stops-Give them the Right of Way.
  • Staff Parking is ONLY for Staff and Special Accommodations. No Drop Off or Pick Up.
  • Keep Crosswalks and Street Corners Clear: Parking in Crosswalks and on Street Corners Limits Sight Ability of Buses and Other Drivers.